Welcome to Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC)

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) is located in beautiful Red Feather Lakes on approximately 20 acres directly south and west of Red Feather Lakes Elementary School. In a pristine montane forest environment adjacent to Roosevelt National Forest, it is the perfect setting for environmental education. At over 8,400 feet, SEEC OFFERS ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION WITH ALTITUDE!

SEEC's mission is to offer hands-on, outdoor education to promote understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

SEEC has been a proud member of the Colorado Nonprofit Association since 2011.

Call SEEC at 970-218-9685 or email seecatrfl@hotmail.com for more details about SEEC's free environmental and science programs. Please note that the SEEC Events List on the right can only display a limited number of events/programs at a time. Look under Announcements to find information on future free STEM and environmental programs.

SEEC Announcements

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) is extremely grateful to Larimer County to have been selected as one of the twelve recipients of the Larimer County Small Partnership grant.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) is thrilled to have been selected for the 2016 AirWaterGas Sustainability Research Grant for our student/community citizen science project,  High Altitude Air Quality Monitoring: Collection and Analysis of Ozone Trends as Related to

Wild and Wonderful Weather was indeed wild and wonderful with Mrs. Lukkes' second grade students. They became weather detectives investigating important clues such as clouds, temperature, wind and precipitation.

This is SEEC's first elk caught on camera this summer. Look closely and you will notice his outstanding antlers, which almost blend into the trees. He is moving from the little creek to the aspens and pines. Amazing!

Mama muledeer and her little fawn are walking and browsing on a path surrounded by granite rock formations. Muledeer are abundant on SEEC land at this elevation of slightly over 8,500 feet.

This female moose is gracefully strolling on the established two-track trail on SEEC land. She appears to be glancing toward the informational signs at the SEEC lichen station. Although moose are wonderful, be aware that they are also unpredictable and powerful.

This male muledeer seems to be posing for the camera as he gracefully walks to the meadow on SEEC land. Muledeer are plentiful at Soaring Eagle Ecology Center as well as throughout the Red Feather Lakes area.

Big thumbs up to Roger, Charlie, Brian and John from Northern Colorado Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Longmont Astronomy Society (LAS) for a terrific telescope workshop on August 12th at Soaring Eagle Ecology Center.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center would like to thank Margie and Larry Caswell for an awesome Discovery Hike for over 30 participants on August 8th. The two-hour hike on SEEC land focused on geology and montane wildflowers in the area, as well as any other questions the hikers asked.

This magnificent male moose was strolling from the creek to a meadow on Soaring Eagle Ecology Center's land. Moose are definitely thriving in the Red Feather Lakes area.