Everyone is looking forward to the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017. Remember all of Colorado will be experiencing a partial solar ecilpse and it is important that your eyes are protected with approved solar eclipse glasses when viewing the partial eclipse.

Thank you to all who have made SEEC's Family Fundraiser at Fox Acres such a success. The Parking Lot Sale broke all records, along with golfing and non-golfing events.

WOW! Former astronaut, Dottie Metcalf Lindenburger, gave an inspirational talk about her journey to become a female astronaut.  Dottie grew up on the Front Range and, as a child, dreamed of becoming an astronaut. She even made a model of the Discovery that she hung in her room.

Many thanks to paramedic Bobby Hill for his excellent kids' program on What to do in Emergencies. The photo shows the kids sitting around a simulated campfire with Bobby talking with the kids about campfire safety and what to do for burns.

​Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) was thrilled to have the amazing dogs of LC Search and Rescue (Saker, Trouble and Kibo) and their handlers, Denise and Allison, lead a program for SEEC.

​What a great program for kids! Many thanks to Cindy Henk and Jean Carpenter for making stream health and macroinvertebrates fun and informative.

A big thank you to Cindy and Judy for a terrific Discovery Hike, followed by a Mammal Skins and Skulls Lab, and a special viewing of each of the kids tiny treasures.

​What a special treat having Jill Reynolds and her terrific dog Skid start today's program. Skid looked sharp as he showed off his air scent skills in finding one of the kids pretending to be a lost hiker.

​Jill and Skid have been sidelined for awhile due to medical emergencies, but they are definitely on the road to recovery. They will be joining the wildlife management team of Brock and Cash for a special program on Monday, July 24, 2017, starting at 10:30 am on SEEC land.

Thank you to all the campers and camp guides for including SEEC in your Adventure Camp at the Chapel this year. I had a blast facilitating programs on electricity, thunderstorms and bats. You all were warm, welcoming and inspirational.