Soaring Eagle Ecology Center was thrilled to present Amazing Water to 160 third graders at the Children's Water Festival on May 21, 2014. It was great fun and the kids did an awesome job learning about the amazing properties of water while making the world's easiest lava lamp.

A big thumbs up and thank you to Cid Squarcia for her wonderful presentation of The Boots of Fort Laramie this past Saturday. Cid did a fantastic job and is a natural in answering questions and detailing the mystery uncovered during the 2010 excavations around Fort Laramie.

SEEC was thrilled to be invited back to Mr. Ross' class at RFLE School to present Part III - Lichens as Bio-Indicators for Air Quality.

Soaring Eagle Ecology Center was honored to receive a Clean Air Project (CAP) grant award from National Jewish Health funded by the EPA.